Spin Classes: Why You Should Get in One

Spin Classes: Why You Should Get In One

Spin classes. You’ve heard of them, you weren’t quite sure what they were for a while, but now you know: it’s nothing but high-intensity spin bike action the whole way through.

Cardiovascular exercise is inarguably one of the best things that you could do for yourself on a daily basis.

Good cardio can be a life-changer, and spin classes help keep you motivated the whole way through.

Getting started with any cardio plan is difficult, and sticking with it is even harder.

We’re going to go through all the benefits of getting involved with a spin class, and why it might be your next health trend.

What Are Spin Classes?

fit girl is focused on spinning class

Spin classes are a rather unassuming way to say indoor cycling classes.

You might be thinking, “Why do I need someone to motivate me to pedal a stationary bike?”, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Spin classes allow you to get the most out of every individual workout. It’s very easy to l;ose focus or motivation while you’re on a stationary bike.

After all, you’re not going anywhere, even if you know the benefits at the end of the road are worthwhile.

Spin classes keep you in a highly energetic and motivating environment for between thirty and sixty minutes at a time, on average.

It’s an intense workout experience, where class leaders usually use a specific list of songs that have a similar BPM to maintain a high energy level, and keep you burning calories.

Spin classes put you into a social climate, which not everybody is into when it comes to physical fitness. It’s not for everyone, but the benefits are undeniable.

Benefits of Spin Classes

1. Constant Motivation

Look, I’ll be straight with you: staying on a constant cardio schedule is extremely difficult.

Some find it boring, but mostly, we live in a world where we’re not allowed to be away from our devices for work, or we’re constantly tied to something that’s eating up our time.

Being in a spin class removes the distractions, the excuses, and gives you an environment where you can simply work on your core strength and cardiovascular health.

Because you’re being led by a class leader, and you’re in an environment with other people, there’s a whole different reason to stay motivated.

It doesn’t all have to be on your shoulders. When you’re paying for a class each week, you go.

When you’re there, after a few minutes, you shake off all the excuses and awkward feelings of going.

All that’s left is confidence, and a reason to be glad you came.

2. Increase Your Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health is important

Cardiovascular health is important, and with the way the world is living today, it should be one of our top priorities in society.

There are over 1.5 million heart attacks every single year in the United States, and while 10% of those occur in people under the age of 65, that’s still far too many.

It’s a global fitness crisis, but you can change it for yourself.

If motivation is an issue, or if the equipment is an issue, you can go to a spin class and consider it an investment in your health (in most cases, it’s a health-based write-off anyway).

We have 168 hours in a single week. I think you can dedicate two of those to attending spin class and increasing your overall cardiovascular health to ensure longevity, and a happier life.

3. Increase Endurance Levels

There’s something called a workout breaking point, which is when you just can’t go on any longer. You get exhausted, and the last thing on your mind is continuing.

Everyone has that breaking point, and it’s related to your weight and fitness.

When you attend a spin class and put all that motivation and high energy to work, you’re increasing your endurance levels.

The first class might be rough, but after that point, you’ll be able to withstand it for longer without that fatigue hitting you so hard.

Eventually, it just becomes second-nature; a healthy habit that’s maintaining your high endurance level, and keeping you in the prime of your life.

4. Burn Calories

high itensity spinning class

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of heart attacks in the United States every single year.

Most of those that occur in people under the age of 65 can be related to obesity or other issues that stem from weight gain and obesity. It’s a scary thing.

Burning calories should be your number one priority if you have some weight to lose, and spin class allows you to burn upwards of 700 in a single hour, just from moderate levels of intensity.

When you consider that a single pound of fat is only 3,500 calories, you can factor in a gradual weight loss schedule over time.

While you should supplement with other exercises in between your spin classes, this gets you on the right path to weight loss.

5. Be Part of a Social Climate

Exercising, much like playing contact sports, is better when you do it with friends (or at least other people).

I would be bored out of my mind if I only went on a recumbent bike every single day instead of actually going cycling with a local group.

We’re social creatures, and when you couple the mood-boosting benefits of cardio (which we’ll get into in a moment) with being in a positive social space, it can make the world of difference.

It can change your mood, and make you excited to return for the next class.

If you find out that other people in your spin class attend different classes, such as yoga or aerobic exercise, you’ve just found another group to be apart of, and more exercise-related health benefits to gain.

6. Reap the Mental Benefits

spinning class in studio

Do you have any idea how beneficial exercise can be for your mental clarity?

Not only are you reducing your risk of lung disease, Parkinson’s, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more—which puts you in a good headspace—but you’re also changing the chemical composition of your brain.

When you suffer from depression and anxiety, it’s due to a severe imbalance in your mind. Cardio exercise literally pumps more blood to your brain, allowing you to focus better.

Don’t you think there are other benefits just underneath the surface here?

The truth is, we don’t know all the mental benefits, but we do know a good amount, and that list is growing.

Endorphins and serotonin in your brain control your mood, and can help stabilize depression and anxiety, which are two of the biggest mental health problems plaguing us today.

7. Build Muscle

Many people shrug off cardio and spin classes because it “cuts muscle” instead of giving you gains/bulking up, but that’s just not true.

If you know any weightlifters, you’ve probably heard the term “Never skip leg day.”

What do you think cardio is?

It’s leg day, every single day. Leg muscles, glutes, lower lumbar, upper shoulders (from some exercises), and lower abdominal workouts all exist in the cardio space.

I wouldn’t call that cutting or a waste of time; I would call that a step in the right direction.

You have to remember that your heart, as well as your brain, are both muscles.

When you do something that you know hurts your body, you’re directly impacting your heart and brain.

All of this cardio work helps exercise your heart, and get it back to its healthiest state.

What Kind of Spinners Do Spinning Clubs Use?

room with spinners for spinning class

It all depends on the club and how much it’s going to cost.

If you’re paying a hefty membership fee, they can dish out some money on new equipment more often than not.

One of the very best spin bikes is the Spinner Chrono Power, which offers one of the most smooth and comfortable operations of any spin bike on the market.

It Can Change Your Fitness Lifestyle

Motivation doesn’t come easy.

You have to motivate yourself, and by choosing to be in a highly energetic and motivating environment, you’re ensuring your own fitness-based success.

Spin classes take the mundane elements out of long-term cardio workouts.

While some of us (myself included) have fun just from sweating and seeing how far we can push ourselves, it’s definitely a good thing to have that motivational environment to keep you on the fit path.

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