How to Turn a Bike into a Stationary Bike

How to Turn a Bike into a StationaryBike

Is the harsh weather being way too hard on your dear bike? Well, if that is the case, it is the right time to turn your bike into a stationary one and flaunt it to the fullest. What is even amazing is that it is completely uncomplicated. All you require is a stand that makes it an astounding stationary one. You can reuse it when the weather conditions again get mild and easy on your bike. 

Considering this option is great as it makes your bike useful even when you cannot ride on it. Coming towards the types of stand, we start with the trainer one. This conventional through incredible option allows your bike to stand on the rear wheel while the front one can spin freely. The other option is rather a modern one which allows both wheels to spin as it lifts the bike from the center. The latter is termed a roller stand. 

Let us have a review of the best stands in the market which fit right on standards of quality and performance while being so easy on your pocket. 

Top Rated Bike Stands

Some of the best stands that allow your bike to be converted into a stationary bike are as follows. 

BalanceFrom Bike Trainer Stand
Fluid Bike Trainer Stand
Alpcour Bike Trainer Stand
Saris Fluid2 Indoor Bike Trainer
Giantex Steel Bike Trainer Stand
Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand
Unisky Bike Trainer Stand
Unisky Fluid Bike Trainer
SONGMICS Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

Setting the position of your stationary bike 

Choose a corner that is spacious and allows you to keep the stand as well as the bike. The place should preferably be a leveled one and shouldn’t be a rough one like carpet. After deciding on the place, it is important that you check that the space is sufficient. To ensure that, start keeping the parts in that space. Attach the stand parts which are to be attached and keep the remaining parts as it is. If the space looks perfect and the corner doesn’t look bulky then the place is perfect for the bike to the position. 


Next comes the installation which is a crucial step. To accomplish this rightly, first place the rear of the bicycle on the stand and correctly settle it there. Make sure to clamp the wheel perfectly and firmly so that the stand is stable. The bike will still wiggle as the front wheel is off the stand. Afterward, the front wheel is to be firmly placed. Tighten it perfectly to the stand portion. Next, check the rear one again and set it again to ensure that it is tight and stable. While ensuring that the connections are tight, do make sure that they do not cause any damage to the paddings and are not subjected to excessive rubbing. 

Checking the work 

Checking The Work

One also needs to check the work. For take, you are advised to move away from the stand to ensure that it looks right and well-aligned. If you notice any issue with the alignment, align it perfectly and set the wheels again. To check whether it is tip-proof or not, practice wiggling it from side to side. Wobbling is completely fine but the bike should also be stable. During high speed, it should not lose its stability and should not compromise on safety. 

The Bicycle Rollers 

If you are a pro when it comes to bicycling then bicycle rollers are surely your thing. This provides you with a more realistic and closer outdoor experience. It seems like you are actually riding outside and it takes your whole experience to a whole new level. 

When it has its several advantages, it has some downsides as well. This doesn’t come with great reliability. The reliability is questionable as it comprises two rollers at the front while two are placed at the back. It is mechanically not as strong and durable. 

DIY Stationary Bike Stand 

While you do have an astounding option to purchase a stationary bike converter and turn your bike into a stationary one, one can also give a push to their creative side and make one of their own. Moreover, this is fun and exciting. Though it is not as easy to make. So, if you are thinking of making one for yourself, do consider going for affordable yet durable options available on amazon which eliminates the fuss of making the whole thing. Well, if you are really interested in making it, let’s dive in! 

DIY Stationary Bike Stand


  1. Gather your essentials. This includes your toolkit with general tools like drivers, screws, saws e.t.c. Moreover, take some wood long bars which have their plan of cutting perpendicular to the smaller side. 
  2. Next, take a long 11 inches wood bar and cut it into 1 inch by 6 inch pieces. After that, go for the wood bars which have the dimensions of 1 inch by 4 inches. This needs to be divided into 4 equal 20 inches pieces. 
  3. After this, you require to again take 1 inch by 6 inches but this time cut them into 20 inches pieces. The remaining wood pieces should be utilized by making triangles of them. Don’t forget to sand them down. For that, you use a grain paper and make their surfaces smooth. 
  4. Next, we need to locate the center of 1 inch by 6 inches wood pieces. After locating it, make a circle of appropriate dimension using some suitable object and cut it finely and carefully. Don’t forget to sand it as well. 
  5. Use a nail next to join the 11 inches of 1 inch by inches wood piece by 1 inch by 4 inches through the center. Same should be done for the other side as well. 
  6. Take the 20 inches one and hammer them onto the side laterally. To add additional support and to ensure structural integrity, add the 1 inches by 4 inches wood pieces on the side horizontally. This provides the whole thing the stability it demands. 
  7. Add the triangles and nail them so that the right support is provided and the correct structural formation is done. The triangle will not only provide support but also define the structure. 
  8. Next comes the customization. Customize your bike stand and make its exterior better with catchy stickers or paint or anything you like. 
  9. Lastly, throw the pegs and you are all set to have an amazing stationary bike experience. 

Biking benefits

Turning your bike into a stationary one has several advantages which leave you stunned and urge you to do it for yourself. This fills in the daily need of the body for exercise. This also shapes up your body better making it appear right. Moreover, it shifts your life to a healthier one, eliminating the risks of several diseases. This further improves your endurance and encourages you to be more productive, active, and efficient. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Pedaling can actually work making your muscles tighten and your calves strength. Along with that your biceps and hamstring get strong as well. The muscles in the back and core also get great strength through pedaling. Along with that, the shoulders gain strength too. 

Answer: Riding a stationary bike can aid in reducing belly fat but it takes a lot of time. Along with promoting a healthy weight, it makes your belly fat reduced and makes you better in shape. It has been proven that aerobic exercises are effective when it comes to reducing belly fat.

Answer: Pedaling backward on a stationary bike is very effective and proven to be more effective than pedaling forward. It enhances your strength and makes you more active. It is completely ok to pedal backward as it makes your body stronger and healthier as well.


If the weather is not suitable outside to have a fun, pleasurable, and exciting ride, we have got the best option for you, the stationary bike solves that all. Have a realistic and astounding riding experience when the weather is too harsh on your bike. We have got a whole lot of options for you. From purchasing high-quality, affordable stands to making one for yourself; you can do as you please so that you never miss out! Why wait? Experience the stationary bike now!

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