Fitness Reality 810 XLT review

Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage Review in 2022

The pandemic has meant home office setups. You spend hours slaving away in front of the screen. The sedentary lifestyle is weighing you down. You could use the time saved on traveling to exercise, right? But the gyms are shut down, thanks to the lockdown. What are you going to do about it? Spend the time moping away, or look for a sturdy alternative?

You are planning to shed that postpartum weight. But the baby, a job, and housework leave you very little time for yourself. You get a little ‘me time’, thanks to your partner, but leaving the house for exercise is out of the question for now. How will you shed those kilos? Is there a genie that could deliver the gym to your doorstep?

The answer to your questions is a snazzy little power rack that will help you train those muscles within the confines of your home. But how do you know if the product you see is the right choice for you? Worry no more because we are here to the rescue. In our review of the Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage, we shall solve the mystery of home gym essentials.

This article will not only shed light on some of the most incredible features that the Fitness Reality 810 XLT has in store, discussing the positives and scrutinizing the negatives, but also debunk the theories related to power racks. So buckle up and get ready to jog your brain (before you train your muscles, of course), for this is going to be a ride of sorts. Let us get to it!

The Fitness Reality 810 XLT Review & Buying Guide

The Fitness Reality 810 XLT

The Fitness Reality is a company with a single aim: premium exercise equipment, catering to the needs of every individual who seeks a healthy lifestyle. The Fitness Reality 810 XLT is a power cage designed for the same. The versatile design serves a wide array of people with scores of options to tone their bodies and brush up that muscle power.

Designed with a human-oriented approach, struggling to make everyday workouts a little less challenging and way more fun, the Super Max Power Cage just might be the weight training machine of your dreams. Before we discuss its specifications at length, let us have a quick look at the features.

The features at a glance:

  • 800 lbs. weight capacity
  • Large walk-in space
  • Various optional accessories
  • Sturdy steel tubing frame
  • Two chrome locks
  • Two safety bars
  • 19 adjustable height levels
  • Overhead grip bars
  • Two rear stability bars
  • A bench with a multi-position adjustable backrest
  • One year warranty


  • Affordable- offers good value for money
  • Sturdy design to support your exercise regime
  • Offers a large range of exercises
  • Quick and effortless assembly
  • Can tolerate a fairly large amount of weight
  • The bench serves up a whole new world of exercises
  • Multiple bars provide ample safety and balance
  • A large margin for accessorizing and customization
  • One year warranty for easy maintenance


  • Tall design, cannot fit in houses with low ceilings
  • Attachments and accessories need to be purchased separately
  • No floor mount holes

Now that we have discussed the features in detail, let us roll on to the pros and cons.

Latest deal: Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage

The Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage:

While searching for a power rack, safety, quality design, and versatility of the equipment are given a top priority. The Fitness Reality 810 XLT serves it all without breaking the bank. Without further ado, let us look into the product specifications so you can have a clear understanding of the device. Have fun getting back into shape!

It fits like a glove- or does it?

Before investing in exercise equipment, it is essential to map out your space to see if it will accommodate the heavy-duty setup. The Fitness Reality 810 XLT is a compact setup measuring 0.5 inches L x 46.5 inches W x 83.5 inches H. While the width and length may fit most spaces, ensure that your ceiling is high enough to house this mounting beast.

The product weighs a good 133.5 pounds, so you might want to find help as you plan to move it around.

The endurance:

Strength training is all about challenging yourself to a goal, achieving it, and then moving on to the next one. With its ability to support around 800lbs. of weight, the Fitness Reality 810 XLT shall accompany you on your journeys towards those six-packs and toned biceps.

You can add weights as you gain body muscle, strengthening your core to bear the brunt of strenuous exercise. And if you want a quick workout sesh after a long, tiring day at work, remove the bars for a lighter weight to reactivate the blood flow in your flesh without wearing out your body.

In full swing:

Having a congested space for exercise will not only limit your movement but also run high chances of bumps and accidents as you venture forth on your daily exercise routine. With a large walk-in space, the device allows free and convenient side-to-side movements. So, you can enjoy your lateral lunges, abduction, adducts, and band exercises to polish every muscle you desire.

Fitness Reality 810 XLT
Infographic: Fitness Reality 810 XLT

In standing glory:

Most exercise gear-related accidents involve tipping over a wobbly design or attachments giving way, leading to hard impacts and severe injuries. The Fitness Reality 810 XLT has been curated to curb the issue. With a sturdy steel 2” × 2” frame to hold its own, the weight of the bars and the trainer is evenly distributed amongst the four columns.

Not only does this provide steadiness to the design, but it also means that your safety isn’t at stake as you burn the fat away and train your core muscles. A sturdy cage also lets the athletes move around and practice their craft with a higher degree of confidence.

A secure setting:

The Fitness Reality 810 XLT has left no stones unturned in terms of safety. Two 23-inch long dual-mounted safety bars made of chrome metal are there to guard your movements as you lift those weights or maneuver through hectic moves. These well-designed bars make an immaculate balancing aid and minimize fatigue by supporting the weights as you shift or turn.

Securely fastening the bars are two 3long chrome locks to keep any unprecedented events at bay. The bars are also compatible with seven-inch Olympics bars, making customization easier for that pro bod that will win you competitions.

Serving masses:

Do you like exercising as a family? Or is your group of friends a club of fitness aficionados? Good news! This power cage works for everyone. There are a total of  nineteen…WE REPEAT…nineteen adjustable height levels for the safety bars, so you get the choice to do safety bar squats, bent-over rows, and deadlifts without a second thought.

The overhead bridge:

Do you enjoy a variety of exercises in your daily routine? This home gym equipment is here at your command. The multi-position overhead pull-up grip bars will help you brush up those biceps, deltoid and get in some core training.

Are you still looking for more? Opt for chin-ups by adjusting the bars to the level of your choice and drill away.

Back support:

Want a backup for your pushups, sit-ups, and squats? Do them right away as the two rear stability bars keep you company, aiding in the stability as you brave through your strength exercises.

The extravaganza:

Nothing gives you the freedom to exercise like the ability to customize the machine at your own will. With options for attachable pieces like J-hooks, Dip bars, weight plate holders, and landmines, the training enthusiasts are in for a treat- or all-you-can-drill buffet, if you will.

The bench press:

No home gym is complete without a suitable bench to aid those concentration curls, shoulder presses, and skull crushers, toning the body down to every last muscle strand. The bench included in the power cage has a smooth 12 position backseat, supporting lunges and core body workouts to the maximum.

Adding value to the feature are the two-position front leg adjustments, so you can perform those raises, lunges, and stretches like a pro. And if you want that extra space in the cage for your weight lifting regimen, simply fold the bench away. With a measurement of 51″ L x 23.5″ w x 9″ H once folded, the bench will be stored away without hassle.

Setting up the fun:

Contrary to what most people believe, the assembly of the Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage is not all that hard. The nuts and bolts come labeled with a user’s guide to walk you through the process. And if you still have doubts, consult the manufacturer’s website, or indulge in a quick YouTube tutorial to save the day.

The vast assortment of workouts:

If you have been slacking on your workout routines or have gotten into a bad shape owing to a busy work schedule, it is time to invest in your body with this machine that will dynamically serve you, passing a clean bill of health your way.

With a design that supports exercises ranging from the upper body, lower body to a core training facility, the Fitness Reality 810 XLT vouches for versatility amongst its competitors. You may use the cage for bench presses, calf raises, deadlifts, shrugs, shoulder presses, squats, and much more, limbering up the flesh and strength training for strenuous daily jobs.


Guaranteeing the fun:

If you are wary of investing in a piece only to be stuck with tedious maintenance and substitutions, here’s the deal. The Fitness Reality 810 XLT offers a one-year warranty, so you can pick it up for yourself without worrying about repairs or replacement of parts.

An excellent deal:

Exercise equipment can be fairly pricey, especially with the latest designs being rather high-end. The Fitness Reality 810 XLT is an exception. While it makes no compromises on the build quality, the ergonomics and the finishing details, the product is fairly affordable.

While you do have to pay for any accessories that you desire to attach, the machine serves you pretty well on its own, so choose wisely.

Final Verdit

If you’re on the lookout for a home gym, the Fitness Reality 810 XLT is a snazzy fit that serves you in a bunch of ways. With a large variety of exercises available at your doorstep, you can reshape your body and get fit as a fiddle from within your home. For a sturdy design that is hard-wearing, easy to assemble, and meets safety standards, the product lives up to its price point.

One of the setbacks with the design is that it cannot fit into low-ceilinged houses. It also doesn’t entail any floor mount holes to secure it in place. And also, any accessories, like weight plate holders, J hooks, and lat pulldown attachments need to be bought separately, which may discern some users.

However, as a premium quality design that opens new horizons of exercise and strength training for you, serving your family and friends at once, the product leaves a mark of quality quite unmatched by others in the market.


Now that we have extended the knowledge of the positives, negatives, and functionality of the design, we leave the power of decision with you. If you would ask us: is The Fitness Reality 810 XLT worth it? We would say YES! Thousand times over. We believe that the product lives up to the expectations.

It is up to you to read on the power cages, figure out your requirements in a product, narrow down your priorities and settle for the best. Have fun working out!