Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Yoga Ball Chair

Benefits of sitting on a yoga ball chair

Yoga ball chairs are all the rage these days. People have been inclined towards replacing their study chairs or office chairs with a yoga ball chair. They say it’s because it’s good for you. Are you wondering what exactly are all the benefits? If that’s the case then we have got you covered with our list of the top 10 benefits of using a yoga ball chair. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly is a Yoga Ball Chair?

A yoga ball chair is basically a yoga ball placed inside a frame. In order to relocate the chair easily, most yoga ball chairs for the office also come with casters. For accommodating people with different heights, some of these chairs also come with height adjustable backs.

They are manufactured using burst-resistant vinyl which is completely filled with air. Posture ball chairs are slightly unstable because they have a curved lower surface that rests on flat ground. In order to stabilize this yoga ball desk chair, you will need to engage your thigh and core muscles which helps strengthen your back and core.

Benefits of Sitting on a Yoga Ball Chair

Let’s look at some benefits of a stability ball chair.

1. Better Posture

In order to stay stable on a yoga ball chair, you will need to keep your back straight while sitting or working. This helps ensure a better posture as compared to ordinary chairs which may lead to slouching. For this reason, yoga ball chairs are also referred to as posture ball chairs.


You might get super uncomfortable after a few minutes so you need to train your body. Sit on it for a few minutes and then switch to your usual chair. Try to increase the duration over time and you will see that your posture will get better naturally.                      

With time you will notice that you are sitting straight even on your usual chair. This means that you will gain a better posture which is great for your health and fitness.

2. Keeps you active

The worst part about desk jobs is the fact that you keep sitting for too long. Sitting for prolonged periods while studying or doing anything else is also bad for your health because it leads to a minimal movement which isn’t great for your metabolism.

Yoga ball chairs or stability ball chairs help prevent that by forcing you to move every few minutes. This is because you need to constantly adjust your balance in order to stay upright. While you’re sitting on the exercise ball chair, you might also be motivated to stretch frequently or do small exercises throughout the day.

In order to prevent boredom, you can just bounce on your yoga chair ball after every few minutes and this will keep you awake and active throughout the day instead of feeling sleepy. This will lead to increased efficiency in your workday.

3. Back pain

Slouching in your chair can lead to back pain. It can also worsen back pain if you’re already experiencing it due to some other reason. Balance ball chairs require you to sit with your back straight which makes them the perfect office ball chair for back pain.

back pain

Sit up straight on your ball chair for a little while and then switch back to your other chair. Do not sit on the yoga ball office chair for too long as this may put too much stress on your back. Keep alternating and you will definitely feel a difference.

4. Align your spine

Stability ball benefits include the alignment of your spine. Sitting with your back straight for some time helps align your spine. You can also go for some lower back strengthening exercises which will help improve spinal health.

5. Burn more calories

Some scientific studies suggest that exercise ball chair benefits include the burning of additional calories as compared to sitting on a traditional chair. Even though the number of calories burnt is very minimal; 4 calories per hour, still it is better than just sitting idle in your office chair.

Burn more calories

You can increase the number of calories burnt by moving around more and doing simple stretching and easy exercises while working on your exercise office chair. This is great if you are working on losing weight and getting a more toned body.

6. Strengthening of core

In order to help engage your core and improve your core strength, all you need is a yoga office chair. Exercise ball office chairs do this by forcing you to constantly stabilize yourself with your core which helps strengthen your core.

Spending more time on your balance ball office chair as compared to your office chair will allow you to use your core muscles more which is great for your back.

7. Better balance

If you have trouble maintaining balance, a balance chair for the office will be especially beneficial for you. Balance ball chair benefits include improved balance for people with reduced balance and older folks.

Better balance

Initially, you will need to bounce around a little in order to stay balanced but with time you will notice that you will stay balanced without having to put in significant effort.

8. Improved circulation

Sitting for long hours on a regular chair can make your legs feel numb or heavy. This is caused by a decrease in circulation due to sitting in the same position for too long. You may also experience pain under your thighs or butt.

This is mainly because regular chairs may not be the right depth or height for you. Also, they may not offer the right support. The stuffing of old chairs flattens over time which makes them too hard to sit on. Exercise ball chairs are the perfect alternative in this case. However, you need to choose the right size in order to ensure better circulation.

This is because stability ball office chairs keep you slightly active throughout the day which helps maintain good blood circulation in your body so that you do not experience numbness. This makes the whole experience more fun and less mundane.

9. Get in a workout

Benefits of the ball chair include getting in a quick workout during work or while studying. You can quickly do a set of crunches or some push-ups while you wait on a call or while you take a small break from studying.

Get in a workout

This makes it the perfect chair for work because it allows you to stay active throughout the day even if you have an 8-hour desk job.

10. Active brain with active body

Sitting on a chair might make you sleepy because your brain isn’t always active. However, using an exercise ball seat instead keeps your brain active as you have to focus on stabilizing yourself along with focusing on your work or study.

Physical activity is known for increasing brain function and preventing laziness. Stretch out a little it after short intervals or just bounce around a little bit while you wait on something or take breaks. This way sitting on the ball chairs keeps your body as well as brain activity while you work.

11. Affordable

Buying an ergonomic ball chair is much cheaper than buying a high-quality ergonomically correct office chair that helps keep your back straight. It is also a small yet amazing investment in helping promote a healthier lifestyle.

This can help prevent discomfort or back pain which makes it a more convenient option as compared to physiotherapy which takes up extra time and funds.

12. Cool factor

Finally, for all those who care about appearances as well as ergonomics, yoga ball seats look so much cooler than regular office chairs. They are available in various different designs and colors so that you can choose the ball chair which matches the aesthetics of your office or room.

Final verdict

Switching to a yoga ball chair will definitely benefit you in the future. It will help prevent back pain and work on strengthening your core muscles and aligning your spine. If you use it the right way, we believe that you will have to face no cons and it will be the perfect alternative to spending long days on your office chair.

If you have any other queries, you can reach out to us and we would love to answer your questions for you. Until then, have a great day!

Tips to Choose the Best Ball Chair

If you are new to yoga ball chairs then you might require some guidance in choosing the best ball chair for you. Here are a few tips which will help you make the right choice.

Make sure that the yoga ball chair is manufactured using a durable material so that it can bear wear and tear and last for a long time. It is an inflatable ball so make sure that there is no danger of it bursting due to pressure. Ideally, the material should be slip-resistant and anti-burst.

It should ensure maximum comfort for the user. It should be able to take on the maximum weight and also prevent slouching because this is the main reason for switching to a yoga ball chair.

The wheels of the yoga ball chair should be lockable in order to provide safety to the user. It should also come with one heavy-duty movable wheel which helps ensure easy and quiet movement in case you want to move the chair somewhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Using a yoga ball chair in place of a regular chair will help improve balance and stability and also strengthen your core muscles.

Answer: Sitting on a yoga ball chair is better for your health and posture as compared to sitting on a regular chair. However, it is better to alternate between the two to prevent stress to your muscles.

Answer: You should sit on a ball chair at 20-minute intervals for the best results. Sitting on it for too long may cause unwanted stress to your back.

Answer: Exercise ball chairs aren’t usually too expensive and may cost between $15 to $50.

Answer: Most exercise balls are quite durable and may last for as long as 12 months.

Answer: The right size of yoga ball chair will allow you to keep your legs at a 90-degree angle while sitting. Choose accordingly.

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