Here’s My Story

Stanley Langley

I’m Trond Nyland, and fitness is basically the founding principle at the core of how I live my life.

I started in high school with weightlifting, wrestling, and skateboarding when I had free time. On top of that, I was part of a cycling team in college, and everyone knew me at the gym as a regular.

It’s where a lot of my confidence has stemmed from, and it’s how I stay in peak physical form.

There’s something that I suffer from that makes it imperative that I control my weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, and that is diabetes.

I’m able to use my passion to keep my health in check in ways I never thought possible.

While a lot of the legwork is done in the kitchen for maintaining diabetes, I put in just as much effort into staying fit.

Your reasons may not be as extreme as mine.

Even if you just want to get that bikini body ready, or if you want to equip your own home gym, or just learn a thing or two about fitness as a whole, I’m here for you.

I want to extend my joy and passion for physical fitness and personal health to you.

Let’s look at the best equipment, how to use it, and the right techniques to build muscle and shred fat.

Let’s explore the many benefits of cardio, intense exercise, and keep an open and healthy discussion about going into overdrive (everything requires a balance).

Let’s get started right now.

You’re here because you’re sick of waiting, so come see what a lifetime of physical fitness has taught me, and what I can offer you in return.