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Billing FAQs

From the benefit of our past experiences, we have made an effort to anticipate your billing concerns. We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

What am I being billed for?

Your statement will include your program fees for the upcoming month and any fees in which you are in arrears.

What Is ABC FInancial?

ABC Financial is a third party billing company specializing in servicing the needs of health clubs in making their billing processes more streamlined and cost-effective, thus allowing Weston Fitness to pass the savings onto the member through lower administrative costs.

How does ABC Process Billing?

Your program dues are billed electronically to your credit card or bank account as indicated in the Payment Authorization section of your agreement. You can access your last billing charge through www.myiclubonline.  You can make payments to your account directly online as well.

When and how do I update my billing?

You may update your credit card, bank account, address or any administrative changes online at myiclubonline.com, by calling Member Services at 215.963.2700 or in person at the club.

How do I go about cancelling / freezing my services?

You may complete a change form on-line  or mail a certified letter to the club.

Cancellations over the phone  are never accepted.

I don't want to provide my credit card or checking account, can I still join?

Yes, at a premium…

Can I pay cash for my program in advance of my monthly dues being billed so my credit card/checking account is not charged?

Yes.  You may make cash payments in advance of your scheduled draft date.  These payments must be made 5 Business days in advance to allow adequate time to process to avoid a draft.  A valid credit card or checking account must be kept on file at all times.

Can Weston Fitness provide receipts for reimbursement purposes?

Yes. Your credit card/bank statement can act as one type of documentation. If you need further documentation of your account’s current or past payments we can provide you with duplicate statements, an account history, or a letter verifying your membership. Please contact the member services department for documentation.

When and how can I contact the ABC Financial?

7AM – 9PM CST  at 888.827.9262

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