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Why Weston?

We are a long-term fitness solution with high regard to client retention. Unlike many gyms, we do not pitch amenities or equipment – rather achieving results through education and coaching.    We march to our own drumbeat and do not feel compelled to respond to other gyms  perceptions of how to attract  as many people as possible. Instead, we believe in educating our clients and providing exercise strategies based on current fitness level, schedule, goals and social needs, thereby attracting those that we can help.    We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients and the growing demand for our services.  We do not accept that there is only one way to to get results, we align our clients with the most practical and efficient exercise strategy, utilizing coaching, classes and individual workouts.    

 Our basic values have been at the foundation of Weston Fitness from its inception, and continue to guide our staff in providing service to our clients day in and day out.

We are owner operated. We live fully. We ask questions. We change course. We take risks. We listen. We seek growth. We create. We invent. We explore. We are never finished. We are pioneers. We are energy shifters. We start every day with a positive focus. We are grateful.

 We are here to energize the world with YOU!

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